About us

Why so many are turning to a more reliable
source of communication…

It’s of increasing concern to many companies and organisations, particularly
those who need to keep in touch and keep operating under emergency or
challenging situations, that the current cellular and other networks have a high
potential for failure.

Unfortunately when communication is needed most during extreme weather or
emergency situations, those networks can go into overload and crash.

There is an alternative. Until now combining reliable radio networks with new
technology has not been readily available.”Data Over Radio” has developed easy
to use software that allows quick and easy integration into most of the popular
analogue and Digital radio technologies available on the market.

For instance, there are many businesses who work in topographically difficult
environments or remote locations and want to keep in touch via email, but again
access to cellular and other networks are not available. “Radio Email” is easy to
set up, more affordable than other wireless networks and can be mobile.