Radio Locator Plus

An enhanced solution combining a software license and
an additional Radio Data Controller board to provide
additional features over and above those provided by the
Radio Locator.

Radio Monitor uses the Radio Data Controller – a small
daughter board that is easily retrofitted into the latest
TM8000 conventional TAIT radios to track, log and transmit
a wide range of operations that can occur with any
valuable field asset for example a car, a truck or heavy
machinery. Analysis of this data can make it much easier
to allocate and manage high value field resources.

The Key Facts

  • The Radio Data Controller utilizes the latest in microprocessor
    technology to provide intelligent updating
    of location information. It has up to 4 input ports and
    4 output ports available and an RS232 port for the
    attachment of Bluetooth or other technologies.
  • Radio Monitor is designed for organisations using
    trucks, vehicles and heavy equipment in remote
    locations. In situations where time is often money,
    you will know exactly what any vehicle or other
    machine is doing at any time.
  • The software is a simple and fast load and configuration,
    using your standard Microsoft Windows environment.
  • All the data collated from the eld units is presented
    in an easy to read log format. It can be exported and
    manipulated in Excel or other reporting tools.
  • Customising Radio Monitor to any unique business
    requirements is straightforward. Administration can
    configure the frequency with which vehicle position
    and information is updated, reducing air time usage.
  • Collates and sends data reports such as
    • Ignition on/off – time stamped
    • Temperature
    • PTO usage
    • Driver operations such as Bulldozer blade up/blade down
  • Radio Monitor uses existing conventional radio
    networks, where they are available to your organization,
    providing low cost data transfer and reach into
    remote areas.