Radio Dispatch

The Radio Dispatcher software is a complete computer
aided dispatching system running on windows XP professional
operating system.

Radio dispatch enables you to control the flow of information,
both voice and data to and from the fleet or work

The Key Facts

  • Provides functions to maintain job, customer, and vehicle
  • Radio Dispatch provides vehicle location, personnel status,
    and work progress updates
  • Supports a range of in-vehicle mobile data terminals
  • Multiple dispatcher access.
  • Radio Dispatch can be installed locally or remotely utilising

Radio Dispatch is a solution designed for organisations wanting to
utilise local or remote conventional radio networks at a lower cost
than other wireless networks. It is perfect for remote area locations
and areas where topography, weather or other factors make cellular
or other networks redundant. It is also ideal for organizations
wanting to maintain messaging services during times of emergency
when cellular and other networks may be prone to failure due
to overloading..