Radio Locator

A computer based location system allowing people and
vehicles to be located and monitored across conventional
radio networks.

Radio locator is a simple software application that works
in conjunction with the latest TM8000 series conventional
radios developed by TAIT Electronics to determine the
location of a vehicle or a person in just seconds. As an
entry level solution, Radio Locator allows organizations
with vehicles or people on foot to take advantage of GPS
technology using conventional radio networks, which
operate at a much lower cost than other wireless
networks such as cellular networks and trunk radios.

The Key Facts

  • Only the Radio Locator software and a GPS antenna
    receiver connected directly to the radio are required
    for this solution. There is no need for dedicated
    devices, specific mobile equipment or other attachments.
    Radio Locator is simple and very fast to set up.
  • The location of each asset – vehicle, person, machinery
    etc – is shown in simple text and displayed as
    icons on a computer map.
  • Administering Radio Locator is easy to learn. It is
    simple and very intuitive to set up. New vehicles and
    other assets are added and removed quickly and
    easily using a unique ID for each.
  • Radio Locator provides for special trip recording if you
    require it. This feature is a simple software setting.
  • Radio Locator also has a simple duress signal activation
    from a vehicle or a personal radio which is
    configured as an option. When the duress signal is
    activated, an alarm event at the base computer is also
    activated. The base operator can receive visible and
    audible alarm signals.
  • Radio Locator is an economic solution with a low cost
    of operation, using existing radio networks wherever
    these are available to the organization.
  • Radio Locator is configurable to send a location when
    the radio microphone is placed in the microphone
    clip or when the talk button is released.